Remanufacturing is utilized for structurally damaged parts, including those that are cracked or severely bent. This process involves strippin the wheel of its former finish, welding (if required), and diamond cutting or polsihing. Once the piece is cleaned, powder primed, painted, and powder clear-coated, it is oven-baked.


Would you like to give your alloy wheels a facelift? Now you can! We offer yoru special exclusive design. Powder coating colours,diamond cut od polished or changing wheel sizes.

Powder coating

We use the latest tecnology on powder coating. Not only is powder coating the part far more cost-effective than replacing them, the hard-waring finish will help protect them, extending their life by ensuring they stay looking great for longer.

Vibratory polishing & Diamond polish

Vibratory polishing:

Diamond polish:

Diamond cut

Our special CNC diamond cut machine from Rimspolish S.L can reproduce the original manufacture finish of the wheel again. With a special scanner and Software the CNC system reproduced again the original manufacture finish.The machine works full automaticly.

Tyres & wheels

We offer a big variation of different kind of alloy wheel designs.Please visit our Showroom and ask also for our special Tyres price list. Please ask us for more details.


You want your own workshop? No problem, we offer a full training option. Mallorca profesional training for Wheel restore or smart repair Workshops. We offer straightening and polishing trainings 2 days, total 10 hours for 500€ netto!!! Flight, Hotel and training can be full Tax – deductible!!! You get after resolving the training a Certificate.